23 February 2017

Star Wars in French!!

Star Wars in French!   You can hear the words and sentences spoken in French and English!

Les Classes de Mme Bishop: L' hiver = Winter!!

Les Classes de Mme Bishop: L' hiver = Winter!!: We've been studying about winter, snow, snowmen and activities...  TroTro et le Bonhomme de Neige   

Words for winter snow days, spoken in French and English. The account is free if you need to sign in!

Tro Tro is a great French teaching tool, because the videos are 2 minutes long and Tro Tro does not speak too quickly!!   Tro Tro fait de la Luge 

19 March 2016

Dr Seuss Week @Folsom

Poison Un, Poisson Deux, Poisson Rouge, Poisson Bleu  
http://youtu.be/OhfWMEq6WgM has the story read aloud in French! 

02 March 2016

Petit Déjeuner et Mettre la Table dans le 3/4

The 3/4 studied how to set the table, the French names for utensils and place settings. We learned about what French people eat for breakfast, and then we celebrated by enjoying our own French breakfast. Thanks to the families who helped with the food and drinks! 


Learning French UNO!

The Rules:
You have to say the name and the color of the card in French!
If you don't, you have to take it back!

11 November 2015

Writing about Animals

In the 3/4 we brainstormed as many words as we could about this photo!