16 March 2017

Max sauve le jour dans la forêt

Partie 1

Partie 2

Max est un homme. Il est brun, beau et intelligent.
Julie est une femme. Elle est blonde, belle et intelligente.
Le chien s'appelle CouCou. Il est gris et blanc, un husky.

23 February 2017

Star Wars in French!!

Star Wars in French!   You can hear the words and sentences spoken in French and English!

Les Classes de Mme Bishop: L' hiver = Winter!!

Les Classes de Mme Bishop: L' hiver = Winter!!: We've been studying about winter, snow, snowmen and activities...  TroTro et le Bonhomme de Neige   

Words for winter snow days, spoken in French and English. The account is free if you need to sign in!

Tro Tro is a great French teaching tool, because the videos are 2 minutes long and Tro Tro does not speak too quickly!!   Tro Tro fait de la Luge